Isnin, 4 April 2016

To The One I L0V3 !

You may NOT  be the richest or   
the most handsome guy in others eyes , 
but trust me, 
you are the angel of my eyes , 
in which I can’t stop staring at you when you are asleep, 
when you are making such funny faces , 
when you suddenly sulking because of my actions , 
and I would like to tell you how much loves I have for you
it is eternal until the end of my life,

Thanks for making me so special in your Life
Thanks for always be there for me , 
Thanks for the courage to tell everyone that you have me, 
Thanks for always making me laugh for every jokes, 
As I always tell U before...
Actions speak louder than words,
 I love you and I really do !

Your belov3d